Sunday, February 19, 2012

That bright glow of new life

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via *WE LIVE YOUNG* by nirrimi on 11/14/11

a baby is growing like a flower in the garden of my womb.

they are the size of a lime now, with fingernails and tiny toes. they can swallow, yawn and kick. one day i will feel those first flutters, and one day i will hear their heartbeat. in six months we will hold he or she close, cry of love and kiss their tiny nose and eyelids.

in their first few fragile months of living we have travelled all over france and italy. although they will never remember, everyday i write them letters. so that when they grow up they will know they were loved from the beginning.

sometimes i think i can feel where they are, it is always slightly to the left. i wonder if they can hear my heartbeat better from there. sometimes m lays his head against my belly and whispers stories and love to our tiny future wonderchild. 'your papa loves you very much' he whispers, among little kisses.

it has been tough, shooting an international, two-week campaign for billabong with all the exhaustion pregnancy brings. but my m has been so patient and kind, and i have been as brave as ever. there is much more travel and shooting to come and i will have to be strong, but by the end it will all be worth it.

there is already so much love for this tiny child from so many people all over the world. this feels like the beginning of something so extraordinary, so beyond words. i've never felt such love in my life.

we are so full of bliss for all the good that will come.

send love and warm thoughts to the little light growing in my belly.

(all images and artwork by others. last image is of my aunt holding me.)

see papa m's announcement post:


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