Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oana Love #2

Free-printable :) Got to love her!

via oana befort by OANA on 12/13/11

notes of thankfulnessnotes of thankfulnessnotes of thankfulnessHappy Monday everyone! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here!? Time flies way too fast. And speaking of Thanksgiving, I sometimes struggle with looking at the half empty side of the glass instead of the full side. I forget to be thankful for the things in my life, even little "insignificant" ones that we sometimes take for granted like water or a rooftop over our heads. I like making little notes and having them around the house, little reminders not only for an occasion but for everyday. So I decided to make these special little notes to share with you, they are in a printable format and if you wish you can download and print them for yourself. Hope you will enjoy this! XO! :)

Click on the left image to download the high resolution file.
Note: For a nicer effect, try printing the image on a thicker (200-300 g) or textured paper. *The printable is free for personal use only.


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