Monday, February 20, 2012

our family, by beth.

via andrew+carissa by carissa on 1/25/12

Our dear friend Beth took our first ever family photos at the beginning of December... This was the first time since our wedding (those still make me cry- thanks, Lydia!). It's a treat to have talented friends who you love and love you and you feel totally comfortable around and can tell you 'stop making that face, it doesnt look like you.' We can be a pretty awkward family. But, I love these. It feels kinda crazy looking at them, and thinking, wow. This is our family. We are three, and we're almost all the same height. I'm sure I'll share more soon!
I've been updating my portfolio, too- something that has needed to happen for the last two+ years. There are lots of never before seen images... and more to come soon. Also, progressively changing around the blog a little too, thanks to Richard's comment for reminding me it needed to happen. (any feedback on either would be helpful...)

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