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you know you've got one too... a girl crush! since 2009, meg & andrea have been blogging about their many girl crushes and finally... they've put ink to paper! their new magazine is available and if you're like me... reading it on-line just won't do - so you'll be ordering the print version as well.
issue one if full of rad ladies like lisa congdon, serena mitnik-miller, jena sohn, michelle trantelli... and lots more! 
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as for my girl crushes it's a long list and growing every day. can you keep a secret? i'll tell you some of mine if you tell me yours. alicekelseylenajennyelizabeth... ok this could go on forever - now, tell me yours. 

Christmas Wishlist w/ lace dress

Loving lace dresses lately!

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For the first time last night we braved the crowds to do a little Black Friday shopping. Surprisingly, it was actually quite enjoyable. We ran into some old pals and got a few fun bargains. I always seem to forget how fun Christmas shopping is. Making lists, keeping secrets, and getting Christmas latte's in between shops. I hadn't really thought of anything I wanted for Christmas until last night, but it got my mind rollin' and I've been wish list shopping all morning. ;)
I'm in pure adoration of this dress. I have a slight addiction to buying white, lace dresses. If you looked in my closet you will find countless of them. I just can't help it.

Jewelry lust.
Josh and I have been talking about tattoos lately. I've wanted one for quite some time and I've finally had one on my mind for about a year now.

Everything about this outfit has me written all over it. Swoon.
And last but not least, everything on this wall.

What's on your Christmas list? 

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\ Book Store Adventures

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We ventured to our beloved local book store last week for a little winter voyage. I discovered this gem of a shop my first year of college and was smitten at first sight.
Rabbit Trail: If you weren't previously aware, I take photos, Josh makes music.
Hence, we found the photo quite befitting to our liking. 
Every time we visit I feel a sense of inspiration. Its endearing charm captivates your heart with every turn. There is also a darling antique shop in the back where they treat you with their homemade iced tea while you gallivant the aisles. In my modest opinion, it's the most magical place in all the Midwest.

Have you discovered any treasures in your hometown? xx

Christmas Party Dress

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I'm in a really good place these days..
Just about every second of the past three months I've been a busy little bee. While I was able to have some phenomenal opportunities, meet some really creative folks, and capture once in a life time moments, it's really nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy it all. The past week I haven't edited a single photo (okay, that might be a tad stretch) and have made lots of crafts, memories, and thought of fresh ideas. Sometimes I have to remind myself that breaks are a good thing. This holiday season is a really special and momentous one for me. It's Josh's and my first Christmas as husband and wife and my two sweet nieces' first Christmas as well. I have a feeling it will be one of my most favorite months yet of my little ole life.
On that note, here is a recent thrift find I would tag as Christmas party worthy. ;)

 Outfit Details: Dress, thrifted. tights & shoes, Target. sweater, Forever 21.
 Hope your weekend is off to a great start.
Sincerely, Kins.

Fwd: Maps, globes, and telescopes.

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Lately I've had a thirst for maps and globes of all sorts. It's most likely just a small case of wander lust, but I'm indulging in the obsession none the less. I actually found one that I swooning over at an antique shop last summer that I believe is the culprit for my spark in interest. Here is simple DIY on taking a map, new or old, and giving it some character all your own..
 Supplies: frame, map (I found my at a garage sale last summer, but teacher supplies store are always a good place to look if you can't thrift one), paint, pins, fabric or scrapbook paper.
Pantry Supplies: paint brush, craft glue or masking tape.
 First, measure your frame to your map. You'll want to tape or glue it to the back and cut off any excess so that you can't see it from the sides. Then, paint! You can paint anything you like on your map. I chose, "let's go on an adventure". 
 While the paint is drying, cut out hearts with either fabric or paper. Once it's dry, you'll pin these hearts on the places you would like to travel to most.
My first choice would be India and Josh's first choice is the Philippines. We're hoping to plan a far off adventure in the near future, *fingers crossed*. Until then, I will be filling my map with countless amounts of hearts. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? xoxoxo

Dear Monday,

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 I am blissfully content.

outfit details: skirt, shirt, shoes, clutch, thrifted. Necklace, ebay. Tights, target. Sweater, F21. Hairpiece, DIY coming this week!

Repurposed Vintage Dress | Outfit Post

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Something about this dress makes me melt. I've always been somewhat of a gold fanatic, so you can imagine I was overjoyed when this pretty little thing with its gold tone buttons caught my eye.
 Here is a before photo, shoulder pads and all. I simply snipped those out, cut and hemmed 6 inches or so, and rolled the sleeves. Here's what I ended up with..

Do you have any thrifted treasures you've revamped lately? I would love to see. If you do, please leave a link! If not, I hope this sparks some sort of interest to find your own pretty piece and reinvent it into something all your own.
I'm off to make a late morning coffee run then to RVA for the rest of the afternoon. 
Sincerely, Kins.