Monday, February 20, 2012

Christmas Wishlist w/ lace dress

Loving lace dresses lately!

via Sincerely, Kinsey by sincerelykinsey on 11/25/11

For the first time last night we braved the crowds to do a little Black Friday shopping. Surprisingly, it was actually quite enjoyable. We ran into some old pals and got a few fun bargains. I always seem to forget how fun Christmas shopping is. Making lists, keeping secrets, and getting Christmas latte's in between shops. I hadn't really thought of anything I wanted for Christmas until last night, but it got my mind rollin' and I've been wish list shopping all morning. ;)
I'm in pure adoration of this dress. I have a slight addiction to buying white, lace dresses. If you looked in my closet you will find countless of them. I just can't help it.

Jewelry lust.
Josh and I have been talking about tattoos lately. I've wanted one for quite some time and I've finally had one on my mind for about a year now.

Everything about this outfit has me written all over it. Swoon.
And last but not least, everything on this wall.

What's on your Christmas list? 

All photos via pinetrest

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