Monday, February 20, 2012

Fwd: Maps, globes, and telescopes.

via Sincerely, Kinsey by sincerelykinsey on 1/24/12

Lately I've had a thirst for maps and globes of all sorts. It's most likely just a small case of wander lust, but I'm indulging in the obsession none the less. I actually found one that I swooning over at an antique shop last summer that I believe is the culprit for my spark in interest. Here is simple DIY on taking a map, new or old, and giving it some character all your own..
 Supplies: frame, map (I found my at a garage sale last summer, but teacher supplies store are always a good place to look if you can't thrift one), paint, pins, fabric or scrapbook paper.
Pantry Supplies: paint brush, craft glue or masking tape.
 First, measure your frame to your map. You'll want to tape or glue it to the back and cut off any excess so that you can't see it from the sides. Then, paint! You can paint anything you like on your map. I chose, "let's go on an adventure". 
 While the paint is drying, cut out hearts with either fabric or paper. Once it's dry, you'll pin these hearts on the places you would like to travel to most.
My first choice would be India and Josh's first choice is the Philippines. We're hoping to plan a far off adventure in the near future, *fingers crossed*. Until then, I will be filling my map with countless amounts of hearts. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? xoxoxo

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