Monday, February 20, 2012


via Something's Hiding In Here by shauna & stephen on 8/25/11

you know you've got one too... a girl crush! since 2009, meg & andrea have been blogging about their many girl crushes and finally... they've put ink to paper! their new magazine is available and if you're like me... reading it on-line just won't do - so you'll be ordering the print version as well.
issue one if full of rad ladies like lisa congdon, serena mitnik-miller, jena sohn, michelle trantelli... and lots more! 
 Picture 5

Picture 6
as for my girl crushes it's a long list and growing every day. can you keep a secret? i'll tell you some of mine if you tell me yours. alicekelseylenajennyelizabeth... ok this could go on forever - now, tell me yours. 

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