Saturday, February 18, 2012

Awesome home

This house is awesome! id love to stay in it for a week.

via Everyone's Blog Posts - My Modern Metropolis by Jacob Paul Wiegmann on 1/2/12

Designed by Cape Town-based Metropolis Design, the Spa House is a breathtaking home that features a unique and clean design. Built on the side of a mountain, it offers incredible views of the surrounding landscape. An underwater spa can be found inside the building and features large windows that look out into the pool.

The guest room hovers over the pool and has a large glass window for light and magnificent views. Like the spa, the dining area is built under the pool allowing the living areas to take up the first floor. The base of the house is made of concrete while the upper floors are constructed of steel, timber, and shiplap boards. With the views, pool, underwater spa, and beautiful rooms, it's no wonder this building is called the Spa House.

Metropolis Design's website
via [World Architecture News]


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