Sunday, February 19, 2012


via voyages of the creative variety. by Tori on 11/28/11

This is the first Christmas that Brendon and I will spend together as a married couple... And it's also the first year we're having the family get together at our place! So I'm especially excited for all the festivities. I decided that I wanted to make a unique tree with handmade decorations that suit us and our wee house. They're not exactly the typical Christmas look but I'm quite fond of how they turned out :)

You'll need:
Some paper to rip up to papier-maché with, glue (I find wheat-based adhesive best for this type of project), plain baubles or polystyrene balls, masking tape, cotton/string, pens and paint.

If your bauble doesn't already have string attached you can make a loop with your cotton and secure it with masking tape. Then rip up your paper and cover the entire ball. I used an old text book that was gathering dust in my garage. Then use a pen or paint to do illustrations and text. I also found some spotty feathers that I added with a button on top to hide the join. And voila! Easy peasy.

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