Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lincoln Barbour

Loving these house designs...

via by midcenturyjo on 1/24/12

I have a question to pose. A question that our non US readers might be able to chime in on. I came across photographer Lincoln Barbour's portfolio and I instantly said "American". You too? Can you pick the country of a photographer like it is often possible to do with a designer or architect? (Like Jessica Helgerson who designed a couple of the rooms in these shots.) Barbour's work speaks to me of positivity and joy, aspiration and family, tradition intertwined with modern. It's light and bright and full of hope. Cheerful, upbeat and confident. It's selling the dream, confirming you've made it ... not in a trashy, money grubbing way but in a contented, loving family way. It's sunshine on a cloudy day and it's good. It's American.

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