Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 iphone diaries

Once I get my new iphone 4 in a few days, I want to start taking pictures with my phone. This year collection is to die for. I love all of her beautiful photographs. So experiential, open, honest and heartwarming!

via *WE LIVE YOUNG* by nirrimi on 12/31/11

the year begins in the heat of north queensland
my cousin and sister in the flooded park
words for our future children
taking pictures on the way from brisbane to toowoomba

sunday morning at my aunt's house (before being jumped on by wide-awake children)
belle riding on m's shoulders
the super 8 that m picked up at a swapmeet

sleepy sommer in the back of the car

spiderbite sick belle getting cuddles from her mother

days later when m had finished putting the ikea furniture together
our mountains
our special place at the end of the street
a place found while exploring
on a ferry, taking sommer, belle and freya to luna park
taking the three sisters to see the three sisters

a late night swingset date with m

shooting danielle in front of the harbour bridge
danielle asleep on the long train ride back from the city

m editing a short film i shot for a clothing label
our day and night of snow

winter fog in katoomba
two very magical lines
sweet writing in m's journal
shooting a lookbook for milk & honey
early morning bondi
m asleep beside his sister, ashlin
taking m's sisters to the cinema in perth
flying over sydney
my gatepass
one of the billabong models busking in a french train station

m and his camera, at a restaurant in provence
travelling across europe by train

a boutique hotel in florence (and me hiding in my hair)
the view from our balcony in cinque terre, italy
the view from to the right, a garden of umbrellas
m sleeping on the train back from the airport

a note m left on our blackboard after an argument
the warmth that is us

arriving in auckland, new zealand at night
a monstrous rock at piha beach
m in our hotel room

a naked tree a few stations over
picnic by a waterfall
the only day of sun in many months of cold
the pub down the street, with forever lit fireplaces
me reading in a bookstore in the city
interview in yen magazine

night trains through vietnam

our hotel room in nha trang

shopping for things for alba in markets

28 weeks and an iced chocolate from my favourite cafe
wishing goodness for our baby

making tiramisu to quieten cravings
picking up my little brother from the station in the pouring rain
monopoly with zake and m
my favourite grocer in the world
30 weeks & lunch inbetween hypnobirthing classes with m

watching the birds in the trees from our bed
35 weeks
one month left
pictures by me and by my love, taken on our iphones throughout the year.


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