Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enjoying holidays at home.

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I go back to work today. Booooooo. These holidays have been fantastic but they always feel too short, even though I've had three and a bit weeks off! The longer you take off, the harder it is to get back in to work. And with my sleeping patterns all stuffed up, I'm sure it will be that much worse. Oh well. I'll get through it!


Things I've enjoyed about my holidays at home in Auckland:


Playing with photography gear.

New flats and new teal striped rugs.

Designing, photographing, editing.


Handing over wedding day stationery to the bride-to-be and receiving a chocolate and candy filled goodie bag.

Eating said chocolate and candy.

Reading this inspirational book which I would highly recommend.

More berries!

Watching a lot of TV shows to try catch up on what we had gotten behind on.

Getting my hair cut, the same way I always get it cut and it ends up looking no different. Feels good though!

Going to Silo Park and enjoying the Foxes market (had to stop myself from buying many things).


Winning a Foxes goodie pack from Silo Park. Score!


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