Sunday, February 19, 2012

mulling spices.

<3 !

via reading my tea leaves by erin on 11/23/11

a tiny holiday gift that packs an impressive punch. plop a bag of mulling spices into a burbling pot of cider or wine and set the tone for an entire evening of cozy merriment. simple instructions, below, with plenty of room for creative additions and omissions.

happy thanksgiving, friends.

1. gather the spices.spices
{equal parts cinnamon, allspice berries, cloves, cardamon, and orange peel}.

2. crush the cinnamon.
{a folded bit of waxed paper and a cast iron pan does the trick}.

3. prepare the muslin sachets.
{available at most grocery stores. cheese cloth tied with cooking twine works, too}.

4. fill the bags.
{two tablespoons or so of the combined spices will do}.

5. tie up the bags.
{make sure they're tied nice and tight}.

6. add some simple instructions.
{apple cider is delightful, but a good vin chaud never hurt anyone}.

7. bestow tiny bags of holiday cheer to friends, family and neighbors, alike.

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