Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fwd: Friday Finds + 5 Things

via As Ink Remains by Noémie on 1/27/12

Dears, I hope you've had a great week!  It's been one of those looonnng weeks where you're constantly asking yourself "is it friday yet?"  It took forever.  But on to the good things for this week?

  1. I'm now running 5 minutes STRAIGHT! I know to some of you that sounds ridiculous (shhh now), but I know most of you get that that is awesome (right?!)  I'm over the hump (and it's only been 3 weeks!)  Apparently it gets easier from here so I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
  2. Rachel from In Spaces Between featured me in her (amazing) list of new websites to check out. Woohoo!  Check out the rest of the featured websites, they're so great and I'm humbled to be part of them.
  3. It's been really warm… nothing below 0 celcius this week! ) (I love this)
  4. It's Friday. And Winterlicious.
  5. Two Words: Dress. Shopping.

And to start my Finds, these DIY boutonnieres by Justina. 

Made in Iceland by Klara Harden. It's a video diary of a girl who has trekked across Iceland, on her own. Gorgeous.

These home-made snicker bars look amazing… yum nums.

This collage by Megan at the Fresh Exchange… holy awesome! Her blog is equally awesome!

Current/Elliott's Spring look book is so lovely. I love how vintage they feel, without being too kitschy. (via Refinery 29)

And these photos by Laura Makabresku are so soft and beautiful. (via Claire Cottrell)



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