Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oana Love #6

A beautiful DIY :)

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DIY: Decorative jars
Here is a little fun project that I was working on for some days and today I finally got it done and made some pictures. It's not taking that long to make it, but this is just my way of doing these extra things, since I have others priorities. :)

This is what you will need:
DIY: Decorative jars
Step one:  Measure and cut the paper so that it will fit properly in you jars.

Step two: Once you have your dimensions, start drawing! :)
DIY: Decorative jars
Step three: Adjust the paper in each jar and insert the frameless tealights (you can also use some other light devices, just make sure it's not a candle, the paper will burn). And this is it! :)
DIY: Decorative jars

Enjoy and have a wonderful week! Xo!


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