Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pretty Packaging

Half the cuteness in a gift can be found in the wrapping. It's time to judge these gifts by their covers :)

via In Spaces Between by Rach - In Spaces Between on 12/12/11


I unleashed some unbridled Xmas spirit on the shops over the weekend and picked up a few fancy gifts that are begging to be prettified. 

There's something so thoughtful about a well-wrapped gift, don't you think? I figure if you go to all the trouble of buying tremendous gifts and pimping your house out, beautiful wrapping is the cherry on top. Or the feather/ fabric strip/ glitter ribbon on top, depending on how creative you're willing to get.

Inky Co.'s creative maven, Chloe Dam (who also has a fab blog) has visual step-by-step instructions for nailing your Christmas pressie wrapping, which includes creating The Perfect Bow and The Basic Wrapped Present. Super handy resource!

+ For more great packaging ideas, DIY's and tutorials, you'll love Nice Package.

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