Tuesday, December 27, 2011

why blog?

A Chai tea, colorful scarves, my diana mini, and my reindeer stocking sits to my left; my digital nikon camera, film canon camera, jelly beans, Japanese cherry blossom cream and packing bubbles to my right, and a mind full of the endless possibilities of tomorrow. 

Why blog? Because there is something in all of us that craves to be special--to be one of those cute indie bloggers that embody an image that fits in a tea party scenery on a given Wednesday afternoon. Because there are so many things that I find perfect. So many things that I hope one day to be able to do. 

I dream of a tomorrow where I find the time to cut hearts out of sandwiches to place on doilies before a tea time get together. A time where my photographs look dreamy and glitter as they dangle from my ceiling. This blog Things Of Tomorrow is where I can collect the things that make me smile. A place where I can collect what the future me will embody. These are the things that will build my tomorrow, to help me become me.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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